Healthcare Applications for Baby Scales

The importance of knowing a baby’s weight is highlighted by the fact that this is one of the first measurements that is taken in the delivery room. Birth weight is an important indicator of health, and it provides a starting point from which the baby’s growth can be monitored. The data recording features of SECA baby scales can be particularly useful for tracking the growth of smaller, premature newborns while they remain in hospital, but all scales used in delivery rooms and during the early months need to be sensitive enough to detect small changes. Infant scales should also be carefully designed to keep the baby comfortable and warm while they are weighed, since young babies are very sensitive.
Keeping track of changes in a baby’s weight as he or she grows can provide an objective measure of health and well being. Since babies cannot tell us when something is wrong, and parents can be inexperienced or anxious, it is important to be able to measure growth accurately. A set of portable baby scales or infant scales, to bring on home visits is an essential tool for the health visitor, but keeping the baby happy while they are being weighed can become more difficult as they get older and more mobile. Built in dampening can ensure that infant scales provide accurate measurements even when the baby is moving around, while weight hold features offered by manufacturers such as SECA can allow the reading to be taken after the baby has been removed from the scales and settled.

Scales will also play a part in the regular checkups that the baby receives when they are taken to visit the doctor, and they can also be useful for diagnosing any illnesses that need to be treated at a drop in clinic or paediatrics ward. It can be useful to opt for baby scales that can be converted into stand-on infant scales in a clinic setting, since children of different ages may need to be weighed. It can also be more convenient to use mains powered scales rather than relying on batteries, if the scales do not need to be moved. SECA scales that can send data directly to a computer can also be useful in the clinic, since they can make recording and monitoring weight changes for each patient much easier.